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Perfectly capturing a precious moment so that it lasts a lifetime is priceless. We are in the business of doing just that. Whether it’s at a special event, a special place or just in our studio, we are at Salem Photography are dedicated to turning your precious memories and moments into pictures that will last forever.

We can really capture the feelings and essence of anything occurring at the time, that will always bring you back to that moment and make you smile. Don’t let any important or precious moments be

forgotten. We are the “photographer near me” you no longer need to keep searching for.

About Us

So what is it we are about? What makes us tick? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Our aim is nothing more than to capture the exact feeling and essence of that special moment you are experiencing to make sure you never forget it. We want you to get all the same warm feelings of happiness all over again when you look at the photos we can provide for you.

Along with this, we also aim to offer the best, most high quality photos that you can use to sell yourself or your business in this ever-increasing competitive world. So, next time you need professional photos of any kind, you no longer need to Google “Photo studio near Salem Oregon.” You already know we are here for everything you need related to photos.


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Learn More About Photography Salem

So, you have a special event planned, or you need some flashy new photos to really sell yourself or your business. You’re probably wondering, “Where’s the best photography near Salem Oregon?” Do you know the answer yet? No? Well, you’re looking at us.

We provide our range of photography services for the residents and businesses of Salem. Any photography needs you have, we have a service to fit your needs. Whether its for an event, for the family or for your business, we can take amazing professional grade photos that you will fall in love with and want to share with everyone.

Photography Salem - Photography 1

Turning moments into memories that last forever is what we do. We offer a range of professional photography services, to help you capture those little moments in life and the feelings that go along with them.

No matter the event or occasion you can always call on us to be there a document the experience, so it can be treasured forever. Don’t let any precious moment in your life go forgotten.

Photography Salem - Wedding Photography 1
Wedding Photography

Weddings are a momentous, once in a lifetime occasion filled with happy memories we know you want to last a lifetime. With our range of wedding photo services make these memories and moments everlasting.

We specialise in both pre-wedding and event photos, so you can truly capture the magic of your once in a lifetime, special day. Get a series of photos you can treasure for the rest of your life together. We are the Salem Oregon wedding photography specialist.

Photography Salem - New Born Babies 1
New Born Babies

A new addition to your family is something you should really celebrate. There’s no better way to celebrate than a series of high-quality photos, designed to really capture the joy you are no doubt feeling at this point in your life.

New born baby photos can be a great addition your home and be a great way to share your joy with others in your family.

Photography Salem - Portraits 1

We can provide a range of high-quality portraits for an incredible range of uses. If you need professional headshots, either for business or other creative purposes, we can help you. If you want a nice new family portrait hanging in your living room to capture a special memory for your family, we can do that too.

If you want a portrait of your children so they have strong memories of their formative years, well, surprise, surprise, we are the photography studio for you. Either in the studio or on location, we can get exactly what it is you want, so you are completely satisfied.

Photography Salem - School Pictures, Senior Pictures 1
School Pictures and Senior Pictures

Memories your children make throughout their school life are incredibly important and impactful. Help them to really capture them with our professional school pictures and senior pictures.

Our formative years are always fondly remembered lately. Give your children a series of photos they can look back on with pride and happiness.

Photography Salem - Google Street View, 360 Photography 1
Google Street View and 360 Photography

Images are becoming ever more important. This is especially true of businesses in this ever-evolving digital age. We can get the best and most professional looking photos of your business out there for the world to see, using platforms like Google Street View.

We also use drones and 360-degree photography to capture the look of your business in ever more interesting and interactive ways. Get the most value for your advertising money with us.

Contact Photography Salem

Getting the perfect, studio quality photos, either at events or in the studio, can the perfect way to capture a truly magical moment and make memories last forever.If you want to hire our photographers for an event, come into our studio or want more information about how we can capture your precious moments, then contact us today. Please also contact us to ensure we can offer our range of services at your location.

“We hired Photography Salem to take our wedding photos. We are so glad we did, every single one looks amazing. They really capture everything and made the whole experience even more incredible.” Tracy. W

“I spoke to Photography Salem about taking some photos of my business for advertisement. They really made my business look incredibly professional and stunning in the pictures they took. They were the perfect addition our online advertising” David. A

“We wanted some truly beautiful pictures of our new born baby girl. Someone recommended Photography Salem. The results were stunning. We were really impressed with the high quality look that the photos had and they were a great way to really soak the experience.” Alex. R